Business areas

Intelligence property business

The IP department consists of experienced lawyers with rich expertise, parts of lawyers possess multiple certificates, and have ever represented cases in trademark, patent, copyright infringement disputes, and computer software protection, etc. Plus, we have long engaged in research into and practice in the protection of patent, trademark, copyright, anti-unfair competition, trade secret, network-related IP, etc.


Services include


IP-related negotiation, and draft and review of contracts

Formulation and implementation of protection measures of IP-related legal risks

Representing in application for patent, and maintenance, permission and assignment of patent rights

Any patent-related dispute settlement including but not limited to re-review, administrative litigation, infringement litigation, etc.

Any patent-related literature retrieval, investigation, and management

Representing in application for trademark registration, and renewal, modification, permission and assignment of trademarks.

Trademark infringement, recognition and protection of well-known trademarks

The protection of copyrights and neighboring rights, and the protection of folk literature and art works