Business areas

Marriage & family business

Marriage and family business is one of the core business departments of Zhongdun law firm. We have been devoting to the research and exploration in the realm of marriage and family-related business for a long time.


Especially for those cases involving the division of corporation stock, house property and other property division-related disputes, and minor children support, damage compensation of divorce etc., we have our own insight and deep research. Plus, the lawyers of Zhongdun law firm are good at generalizing experience from a large number of cases, and exercising skillful techniques to strive for the lawful interests to our clients to the largest extent.


Services include


Marriage and property dispute settlement, including negotiation, mediation, and litigation;


Succession and estate dispute settlement, involving negotiation, mediation, and litigation;


A guidance of draft or signing with regards to the agreements of the properties acquired during the marriage or the prenuptial properties, gift contracts, will agreements, legacy-support agreements and other documents.