Business areas

Real estate and construction

A professional lawyer team with great education background, solid theory basis, rich practice experience specializing in real estate and construction has set up. Specifically, parts of these lawyers in such department serve relevant government authorities as legislation representatives actively in the formulation of policies and rules. Meanwhile, they also serve a great number of professional and authoritative committees, so that a more effective guidance can be provided.


Services include


Land exploitation in the first level, land-use rights biding, auction and listing.


Project approval, establishment and merger of project companies.


Project acquisition and transfer, project financing and trust, and project bidding.


Design, implementation and supervision of project.


Project settlement, sales of property management, transfer and leasing of property management, other business related to property management.


Legal risks management in the whole process of real estate exploitation

Business operation in real estate, investment and trust in real estate.


Assisting to formulate the project of real estate investment and design legal structure.


Due diligence on the project of real estate and releasing relevant reports.


Providing legal services with regard to bidding in real estate.


Drafting and reviewing legal documents in sales and leasing of real estate and property management.