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    Beijing Zhongdun law firm is the most distinctive legal service institution, it is also a comprehensive law firm with six characters including large scale, standardization, specialization, professionalization, branding, internationalization. The remarkable, efficient, credible and industrious spirit is our slogan established; “sincerity, trust and strictness” is a principle of requiring ourselves. We have been devoting to sharpen our services so as to shape into the top brand in China.


    Zhongdun law firm is located in a core location of CBD, with great geographical location and working environment, neighboring a bunch of the greatest buildings in Beijing such as The China World Trade Center, The Space, Blue Island Tower, etc.


    Zhongdun law firm possesses a great number of professionals with expertise providing a wide range of legal services in diverse areas, the number of lawyers registered has stood at the front line among capital law firms. Dozens of lawyers come from reputable universities and research institutes, more than half lawyers have a background of law, science and engineering, medicine, computer, international trade, or finance investment, etc. In addition, Zhongdun law firm also has a outstanding consultant team awarded with extremely high honor in the realm of jurisprudence theory and practice. On the other hand, we value cultivation of young talents to ensure every lawyer focusing on and specializing in a certain field.