Business areas

Bond business

Zhongdun law firm may serve domestic or foreign corporations with legal services as to IPO projects or refinancing as the lawyers of the issuers or underwriters, and can also provide either state-owned enterprises or private corporations with reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and other bond transaction-related legal services.


Services include


Enterprise reorganizations and acquisitions prior to IPO

Private equity and financing prior to IPO

IPO at home and abroad

Listed companies refinancing

Reverse mergers at home and abroad

Acquisitions, mergers, separations, major assets restructuring, delisting and relisting of listed companies

Share split, repurchase, and governance structure of listed companies

The design of management level’s incentive projects and the design of the plans of employees holding stocks

Continuous information disclosure in the wake of a company being listed

The establishment of bond investment funds and assets management.